10 years after my previous visit, I returned to Necker Island... 
And this time, I'm taking you along for the ride!

Be a fly on the wall during my third visit to "Necker Island", Sir Richard Branson's Private Island

1 van de grootste turning points in mijn leven zijn mijn bezoeken geweest aan Necker Island, het privé eiland van de multimiljardair Sir Richard Branson.

Some of the biggest turning points in my life were 

Dit eiland is een magische plek, en het is nog bijzonderder door de mensen die aanwezig zijn tijdens deze week op Necker Island.

Door je te omringen met bijzondere mensen die op het hoogste niveau hun leven en business leiden… Het doet wat met je.

Het verandert je.

Je kunt nog zoveel boeken lezen, podcasts luisteren of informatie tot je nemen, maar om in te tappen op deze golflengte heeft zoveel meer impact.

​Ik ben er in 2013 en 2014 twee jaar op rij naar toe geweest. En het heeft mijn business en leven volledig op z'n kop gezet.

​De afgelopen tien jaar heb ik mijn daar geleerde lessen en inzichten met succes toegepast, maar toch ook grotendeels voor mezelf gehouden.

​Het was een super persoonlijke experience om meerdere redenen, waaronder de geboorte van mijn eerste dochter.

​Oorspronkelijk was mijn plan om een boek uit te geven waarin ik al mijn ervaringen bundelde, maar ondanks het feit dat ik een volledig manuscript geschreven had, besloot ik op het laatste moment toch om het niet te publiceren...

My business had collapsed, I no longer had the inspiration I had before and I was a bit convinced that the "golden days" were over.

It also didn't help that almost no sales were being made, so the "stress" factor was quite present on a daily basis in my life.

I had pinned my hopes on launching my very first "real" book and even that didn't do what I expected.

It felt like everything stood still and the flow was lacking.

Maybe my "best times" were over....

To make the launch of my book more successful, buyers were given a number of bonuses with the purchase of the book.

1 bonus I came up with in a minute and didn't think too much else about. It was a "bonus webinar" in addition to a number of other bonuses.

What I'm about to share I've never shared publicly before, simply because I don't think it's very neat about the person this is about....

The day I was to give my "bonus webinar" at 8 p.m. in the evening I had lunch with a "competitor."

Someone who also had an active presence in "my market" and it was the 1st time we saw each other in real life.

In all honesty, I had quite a few judgments about him beforehand. His way of marketing was rather "get rich quick" and the product he was selling was something I could never support myself.

I was selling a comprehensive coaching program where my clients had to do real "work." He was selling a "revolutionary system" where you supposedly had to push a few buttons and money came rolling out of your printer.

I had few expectations from our meeting but you never know.

As we were having lunch I found out that he was quite an oke guy and he shared openly about what he was doing. Including what all worked well and what just didn't.

He also mentioned that he knew the program he was selling was actually quite deceptive but that it just sold too well to stop.

It gave me a little bit of a stomach ache. It didn't feel right.

However, the reality was that at that point he was doing a lot better financially than I was.

Now of course it's easy to think that he was doing better because he was selling something more attractive than what I was offering. I quickly found out that that was actually not the case at all.

He told me that he gave a webinar every week on Friday evening, and at the end of the webinar he made an offer where he offered his "system" of €1000.

I don't remember the exact figures he shared, but they were figures many times higher than what I was doing at the time, or even had ever done.

With me, it actually stood still, while he was popping in big bucks every week as he sold through webinars.

My belief that "the golden days were over" was suddenly challenged. If he could do it, I should be able to do it too.

It frustrated me.

My product was better, he did it better.

Argh. Very irritating.

But it also opened my eyes.

We finished lunch and I got in my car heading home.

It so happened that same evening the "bonus webinar" for everyone who had purchased my book was scheduled.

At that moment I made a choice which changed everything for me....